(A Scheme to Provide Safe and Affordable Accommodation to Working Women (As amended June, 2015)


The objective of the scheme is to promote availability of safe and

convenientl y located accommodation for working women, with day care facility for

their children, wherever possible, in urban, semi urban, or even rural areas where

employment opportunity for women exist. To achieve this objective, the scheme will assist

projects for construction of new hostel buildings, expansion of existing hostel buildings and

hostel buildings in rented premises. The working women’s hostel projects being assisted

under this scheme shall be made available to all working women without any distinction with

respect to caste, religion, marital status etc., subject to norms prescribed under the scheme.

While the projects assisted under this scheme are meant for working women, women under

training for job may also be accommodated in such hostels subject to the condition that

taken together, such trainees should not occupy more than 30% of the total capacity the

hostel and they may be accommodated in the hostels only when adequate numbers of

working women are not available. Children of working women, up to the age of 18 y ears for

girls and up to the age of 5 y ears for boys may be accommodated in such hostel with their