State Senior Citizens Home :

State Senior Citizens Home early known as Old Age Home had been opened in 1989 under Social Welfare Department at Aizawl for the Homeless aged persons. It is the Home of its only kind in the state of Mizoram. Old Aged persons (60+) having no supporter/relative and who are resident of the state of Mizoram are admitted in the Home. The Home provides recreational facilities and other programmes, The Home, a capacity for 25 inmates is located at Ainawn veng. Application Form is attached below for admission into the Home may be submitted to the Director, Social Welfare & Tribal Affairs Department.

All Administration of State Senior Citizens Home rested with the Home Welfare Officer, State Senior Citizens Home, however subordinate staff assisted the Warden. All necessary decision at various level under the Home Welfare Officer are being made with due approval of the Director, Social Welfare & Tribal Affairs Deptt.