Vocational Training Centre (VTC)

         The needs for vocational Institution in Tribal belts where left wing extremism is a manifestation of frustration and lack of faith in the present development. It is necessary that both State and Central Government should make efforts weaning away the tribal youths from disruptive activities. Hence, one of the major efforts is to establish such vocational Training Institutes for large scale employment of unemployed Tribal youths. The scheme means for Scheduled Tribes and will provide Training for various trades.
         In Mizoram, the scheme was implemented w.e.f. 1.8.2001. Social Welfare Department has three Vocational Training Centres viz. VTC Serchhip, VTC Kolasib, and VTC Lunglei. Each VTC has fine trades i.e. Tailoring (Male), Tailoring (Female), Shoe making, Cane & Bamboo Works, Fibre Works. Each Training Centre has 100 trainees, 20 trainees in each trade. From 2003-2004, Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India had sanction 2 more Centres at Champhai and Saiha. In these two Vocational Training Centres is imparted in five trades viz. Bamboo & Wood Works, Handloom & Weaving, Electrician Two Wheeler Repairing, Tyre Repairing-cum-Painting. In line with the Scheme duration of the Training Course is fixed at 6 (Six) months. In each of these trades there are 20 (Twenty) number of trainees. At the end of the Training Course examination has been conducted and Certificates are handed over to the successful candidates. Under the Scheme of Vocational Training 100 % Central Assistance/Grant-in-Aid are given to the State by Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India.