Rehabilitation Home for Persons Cured of Mental Illness ( Fund Source-  Govt. of Mizoram)  _ As per the directive of the Hon’ble Supreme Court in the Gaurav Bansal Case, all the states and Union Territories are mandated to set up rehabilitation homes for persons cured of mental illness, many of whom are languishing in mental hospitals as long stay patients without family members/ relatives claiming them.  The Govt. of Mizoram has made budgetary provision for the running of such a home in the state. As per the approval of the appropriate authority , the Home is to be run at the old building of the State Senior Citizens Home at Govt. Complex Veng, Aizawl by Beiseitu ( a registered society under the Directorate of SW&TA) to whom it has been outsourced. The process of recruiting honorary workers is completed. Civil works to renovate the old building of the State Senior Citizens Home is underway and progress is being made to procure furnishings/ office items etc. through Govt. e-Market and DPAB as directed by Finance Department.

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