1. Accessible India Campaign (Fund source- MSJE) under which 27 government- owned  buildings have been retrofitted. Additional 10 buildings are in the process of being made accessible under Phase I of the Campaign.

            203 (two hundred three) Government websites have been made accessible by the ICT Department of the State in compliance with W3C WCAG 2.0 Level A, which enables a person with visual disabilities to access the websites using assistive technologies such as Screen Reader etc.


  1. Braille Press Scheme ( Fund Source - MSJE) Braille Press has been set up  by the Department at Tribal Art Centre, Tanhril. Braille Textbooks for MBSE, SCERT, Equal Opportunity Cell (Pachhunga University College) and private individuals have been printed at State Braille Press, Tanhril.


  1. Unique Disability Identity (UDID) ( Fund source - MSJE) was launched by the Ministry in 2017 with the purpose of  creating a  national database for Persons with Disabilities. Under it, the PwDs are being issued new disability ID cards through online application after obtaining recommendation of the medical authority. All the PwDs are to be registered and issued identity card through the online portal, This new system has replaced the old practice of issuing ID cards and the previous State Government issued ID card holders are also required to apply for this new ID card. All the District Medical Superintendent Offices are entrusted with this responsibility and are equipped with IT facilities. 4488 IDs have been issued as of 05.07.2023.


  1.  Special Schools for Hearing Impaired and Intellectually Disabled  under the Deen Dayal Rehabilitation Scheme (DDRS) ( Fund Source- MSJE) are being run by Spastic Society of Mizoram and the Special School for Visually Impaired under the same scheme is being run by Samaritan Society for the Blind. DDRS is an umbrella scheme under MSJE by which NGOs/ VOs can seek grant- in- aid from the Ministry.



  1. Rehabilitation Home for Persons Cured of Mental Illness (Fund Source-  Govt. of Mizoram)   _ As per the directive of the hon’ble Supreme Court in the Gaurav Bansal Case, all the states and Union Territories are mandated to set up rehabilitation homes for persons cured of mental illness, many of whom are languishing in mental hospitals as long stay patients without family members/ relatives claiming them.  The Govt. of Mizoram has made budgetary provision for the running of such a home in the state. As per the approval of the appropriate authority, the Home is established at the old building of the State Senior Citizens Home at Govt. Complex Veng, Aizawl by Beiseitu ( a registered society under the Directorate of SW&TA) to whom it has been outsourced. 


  1. Training Centres for Persons with Special Abilities  (Fund Source- Govt. of Mizoram): There is a total of three such training centres in the State ( One residential training centres each for male and female trainees at Aizawl, and another at Lunglei which is non-residential).One- year vocational Courses available are tailoring for female trainees and tailoring and Shoe-making for male trainees. A monthly stipend of Rs 250 is given to the trainees during the period of their training. Hand sewing machine/ treadle sewing machine/ cobbler tools are given to them on completion of the course.


  1.  Disability Pension (Fund source - Govt. of Mizoram) : Pension is given to 200 handicapped persons who are totally blind and bedridden @ Rs. 350/- per month. 


  1. Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension Scheme ( Fund Source – Ministry of Rural Development):

Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension under the National Social Assistance Programme is given to 730 beneficiaries at the rate of Rs 400/ month ( Rs 300 Central Contribution + Rs 100 State contribution).


  1.  Assessment and Certification Camps for PwDs - Assessment and Certification camps for PwDs are conducted in various corners of the State with the objective of covering PwDs who otherwise may never be certified due to inaccessibility posed by remoteness of location etc. The Camps are organised by the Department in active collaboration with the Department of Health and Family Welfare and Regional Centre of National Institute for Locomotor Disabilities .Aids and appliances in the form of wheel-chair, crutches, hearing aids etc are provided to selected PwDs by NILD at such camps.


  1. Handicapped Students Stipend (Fund Source - Govt. of Mizoram) : Under this Scheme, handicapped students who are enrolled in schools run both by Government and private entities  are given stipend for purchase of books, uniforms, etc. at the rate shown below : 

Upto Class-IV                       -           Rs. 30/- p.m. per student (360/- p.a.)

Class V – Class VII               -           Rs. 40/- p.m. per student (480/- p.a.)

Class VIII – Class XII            -           Rs. 85/- p.m. per student (1020/- p.a.)


  1. Stipend to Educated Unemployed Persons with Disabilities (Fund source- Govt. of Mizoram): Educated persons with disabilities who have  registered   themselves in any of the   Employment Exchange for more than 3(three) years and have not been placed in any gainful employment are given stipend @ Rs. 650/- per month.


  1. State Economic Rehabilitation Scheme ( Fund source - Govt. of Mizoram): One-time grant-in-Aid is given in cash to handicapped persons for Pig Rearing and Poultry farming  @ Rs. 4000/-. Sewing machines and cobbler tools are given in kind.


  1. Scribe Allowance ( Fund Source: Govt. of Mizoram): Scribe allowance at the rate of Rs 500 per paper attempted by a disabled person ( usually visually impaired) in the school board examination  or university examination is granted  on production of the admit card, UDID and Student I.D card.