Residential Institute And Training Centre

Residential Institute and Training Centre (RITC) also known as Home for Women in Distress was established in the year 1989 under the Deptt. of Social Welfare Govt. of Mizoram. The Primary objective of RITC is to rehabilitate women who are in need of care, protection and training for their security and self-employment. The intention for establishing RITC is to rehabilitate women who are victims of circumstances who get involved in situations where they are socially and economically deprived, discarded and handicapped by giving them shelter, care, treatment and training to enable them to take care of themselves.

Ways of Rehabilitation :

1) Providing Certificate Course in Tailoring and Embroidery.

2) Providing shelter, food and lodging.

3) Counseling - Social Works approach

4) Organising religious camping.

5) After finishing the course, for economic rehabilitation, they are provided with sewing machines basic tools for tailoring and a certificate.

All Administration of the Home rested with the Superintendent RITC however subordinate staff assisted the Superintendent. All necessary decision at various level under the Superintendent are being made with due approval of the Director, Social Welfare Deptt.