Prevention Of Immoral Traffic Act

Reception Centre/Protective Home:  The Government of Mizoram established Reception Centre/Protective Home in 1988 as a branch of distress Home for girls. It became a separate Home in October 1990 located at Maumual, the western outskirt of Aizawl. It is the Home of its only kind in the state which is established under sec 21 of Prevention of Immoral Traffic Act 1956 with the purpose of rehabilitation for commercial sex workers. Though the official capacity of the Home is 25 residents, this number has been exceeded most of the time. Each resident is detained for a period of one year. They are assigned to one of the vocational courses offered which are tailoring, carpet weaving, embroidery work, cross stitching paper, match making and candle making.

            The Centre is manned by Superintendent with Social Work Teacher, Warden, Staff Nurse, Instructress, and other Clerical Staff and sufficient IV-Grades as Security Guards. All administration of the Home rested with the Superintendent Protective Home, however subordinate staff assisted the Superintendent. All necessary decision at various level under the Superintendent are being made with due approval of the Director, Social Welfare Deptt.

             More can be learned from Superintendent, Protective Home, Social Welfare Department, Maumual, Aizawl, Phone : 03892340721(O)