Mizoram Bal Bhavan hi kum 2008 – 2009 a din tan niin, 21st March 2009 khan Khatla YMA Hall ah, Mizoram Governor zahawm tak Lt,Gen (Rtd) M.M. Lakhera in a hawng ani. Bal Bhavan hi Society angin Social Welfare Department hnuai ah ziah luh ani.

Bal Bhavan zirna in atum ber chu, Naupangte an thiamna leh theihna kawng hrang hrang a haichhuah sak a, chutiang tura an mahni kum mil ang zel a, an thil thiam leh theina ang kawngte pho chhuak tura Platform siam sak ani. Bal Bhavan hian naupangte zalenna siamsakin nekchep leh inkhuahkhirh lutuk te ti tlemin, hun/hmun nuam tak an hman theih nan a thawk ani.

Mizoram Bal Bhavan zirna hi, Bal Bhavan Building ITI veng ah kal pui ani.

Bal Bhavan hnuaia activities Hrang hrang kal pui te chu :-

  • Performimg Arts (Drama,Music,Dance & Integrated Activities)
  • Creative Arts (Painting,Sculpturing,Craft)
  • Creative & Innovation science & Computer Science
  • Mobile Library.

Kum tinin activities hrang hrang atangin, National Bal Shree Camp, Zonal Bal Shree Camp, National Children’s Assembly & Integration Camp etc, a tel turte naupang zing atangin thlan chhuah thin an ni a. Mizoram Bal Bhavan Society hnuai ah hian naupang 500 vel an in ziak lut ani.

Mizoram Bal Bhavan hi Inrinni nitin hawn thin ani a, Naupang kum 6 – 16 inkar in Mizoram Bal Bhavan hnuaia activies hrang hrang khing achunga kan tarlan atang hian an duh duh an zir thei ani. 


Mizoram Bal Bhavan was established in the year 2008- 2009 and it was inaugurated by the His Excellency the Governor of Mizoram, Lt.Gen (Rtd) M.M. Lakhera on the 21st March 2009 at Khatla YMA Hall. Bal Bhavan is a register society under the Department of Social Welfare.

Bal Bhavan is an institution which aims at enhancing the creative potential of children by providing them various activities, opportunities and common platform to interact, experiment, create and perform according to their age, aptitude and ability. It offers a barrier-free environment with immense possibilities of innovation, minus a stress or strain.

The Mizoram Bal Bhavan is functioning at Mizoram Bal Bhavan Building ITI Veng, Aizawl, Mizoram.

The activities provided at Bal Bhavan are as below:-

  • Performing Arts (Drama, Music, Dance & Integrated Activities).
  • Creative Arts (Painting, Sculpturing, Crafts)
  • Creative & Innovation science & Computer Science
  • Mobile Library

Every year Children are selected from different activities, to attend National Bal Shree Camp, Zonal Bal Shree Camp, National Children’s Assemble & Integration Camp, National Camp for young Environmentalist etc. More than 500 Children have been registered Under the Mizoram Bal Bhavan Society so far.

At present, Bal Bhavan Mizoram is open on every Saturdays and children from 6 – 16 years can participate in the activities of their choice at places as shown above.

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